…XYZ Service areas

Our team consists of senior professionals with many years of experience in disciplines ranging from product design, human centred design, innovation management systems, design thinking, IP protection and project commercialisation.

We assist clients across their entire product or service development lifecycle.

Innovation centre

We are experts in the process of innovation, irrespective of the context in which it needs to happen.

Our team has years of experience managing complex innovation programs in various countries and industries – NGO’s, Banking, Mining, Energy, Telecoms, Mobile, Transport and Media.

Our team assists clients to innovate the new services they need to expand and grow.

We are driven by the belief that Innovation is only successful once ideas are implemented with successful results.

Design centre

Our design process is holistic inasmuch as it incorporates brand, 3D design and manufacturing principles at all stages of the development process. Where desired, it may include the design of the packaging as well.

Our detailed knowledge of materials, finishes, prototyping, manufacturing processes and tolerances, ensures that optimal material choices are made for each product.

This ensures our products progress beyond conceptual models and have a high success rate in the intended market.

Manufacturing centre

We have built up relationships with toolmakers, material suppliers and convertors over more than a decade.

We have an intimate understanding of the various manufacturing processes for low and high volume production, and tailor make a management technique for each subcontractor.

As the last link in the design process, our quality standards ensure that the manufacturing element is properly strategized and de-risked throughout the design process.


Service design

Our service design business helps our clients to re-imagine their approach to service delivery, and creates innovative new experiences based on a detailed understanding of the needs, desires and behaviour of customers and users.

Using creative design principles, the service or experience is designed from the perspective of the user (be it a customer or employee) as opposed to the perspective of the service provider. In this process, designers will use very similar thought processes and innovative methods in designing a service or experience, that they would use in turning an invention into a physical product.

For example, where you have a bus service with great infrastructure but a poor customer experience, we use our experience in human centred design to design a new experience from the journey planner, to the ticket purchase, to comfort, to queuing, to communication about expected arrivals and departures etc.

How could we design a solution for your business ?

Foreign business centre

Many of our clients have first world products which they wish to launch into an African consumer base. Often these products cannot be launched in the same form or packaging as they are in Europe, Asia or the USA and need to be adapted in order to do well in these markets.

We use our African based research capability combined with our product design expertise to change products based on the needs of the African consumer. We have the ability to test these prototypes on African consumers.

A good example of this was a clever modification to a washing machine by a well-known Korean brand, to better cope with the regular power outages experienced in North Africa.

Packaging centre

Packaging design is a design exercise in its own right and not an add-on to the product which it encloses. Similar to the product, packaging design needs to conform to critical environmental constraints, while also conveying product information. Packaging design is critical to the marketing of the product and brand building of the company, being invariably their first contact point with the market. The user experience and performance of the packaging are therefore important.

… XYZ Design has extensive experience in producing structural and cosmetic packaging for low and high volume production. In addition, the extent to which packaging should function with a global footprint, from both a functional perspective and a sustainable one, is also taken into consideration. The choice of construction method, material, recycle-ability and reuse are some of the many constraints taken into consideration during the early stages of packaging design.