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Our Design Process

Whichever part of the design lifecycle your project fits into, all projects use …XYZ’s standard DISCOVER-DESIGN-DELIVER methodology to systematically map the needs of all stakeholders, customers, working groups, individual users as well as the needs of all other affected parties.


Our process has a proven ability to migrate fieldwork data and research theory into testable prototypes, products and services. We apply our methodology to all projects that we undertake to ensure that projects move from problem identification and idea generation to user-centered solutions. The rigorous use of this process reduces the risk of the project.

The key success factor for all design, design thinking and human centred design (HCD) Projects, lies in aligning different stakeholders perceptions and needs throughout the process. We have designed our HCD approach around the principle of collaboration and bottom-up pattern recognition – allowing the interactions between different parties to drive the insights and solutions development.


As the leading Industrial Design and Innovation consultancy on the African continent, our DDD Process outlined above offers a proven and robust response to designing in, and for, diverse markets.

Besides using a proven process and methodology, a major asset and key success factor is a team which mirrors the diversity of the challenge in their combined skills set. Contrary to many professional services firms, we don’t believe in the ‘pyramid principle’, where a group of largely inexperienced junior resources drives the everyday work with senior partners only coming in at key client facing sessions.

On every project, our whole team is mobilized to tackle the nuances of each specific problem. Each person has a niche or a perspective, which brings his or her own unique insights to bear on a challenge. These insights all contribute to the final solution.

A Core Team member leads every phase of the journey with all participants contributing to the final phase deliverable. Each project team is enhanced by subject matter experts that have dedicated knowledge and experience in all critical areas of the brief, in order to complement and enhance existing skills set with deep subject-matter expertise as well as on the ground networks.