Client: Yebotech
Project: Yebo electronic lock
Category: Product Design

The Yebo electronic lock is composed of an electronic key, and an electronic plug that is fitted to a variety of conventional locks. A lock is opened in a conventional manner: an authorized key is inserted and turned, and the lock opens. When a new lock is acquired the owner inserts the key into the lock, making it the lock’s “master key” and making it the only key allowed to access the lock. In addition to opening the lock, the master key can then be used to issue authorization to other keys, revoke authorizations, or “wipe” the lock, in effect returning it to a “new” state. A master key can also create new master keys, in effect granting full control of the lock to other keys. The key is the size of a car-key and contains a battery which powers the locks. It can contain a small SIM-sized smart-card on which authorizations are stored, so that if a key is damaged or a new key is purchased the card can easily be switched to a new key. A key can store about 130 authorizations, and a lock can issue about 240 authorizations. A key’s battery typically lasts for several years